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Desktop Valuations for Lease Extensions

A thorough and detailed valuation and report carried out from our offices, not requiring an attended site visit.

Why Choose The Desktop?

  • The service is simple to use. All we require from you is a few basic, easily accessible pieces of information – primarily a copy of the lease, from which we will determine the lease plan. If this is not available we will need historic Estate Agent’s details for the property or a detailed description of the property.
  • It is fast; we usually deliver the report within 7 – 10 days of receiving the relevant information.
  • The desktop valuation is a more detailed, thorough and comprehensive analysis of the lease and the property’s value, containing three calculations: the likely settlement price, the Landlord’s anticipated offer or counter-offer, and our recommendation of the figure to accompany an opening offer in informal negotiations or should a Notice of Claim be served.
  • We have access to professional online data resources which allow us to undertake the desktop valuation with accuracy and research comparable properties, meaning our report is based on a wide variety of solid evidence.
  • The advantage of this type of report is that it gives you a best-case worse-case scenario breakdown as we set out the spectrum of the figures. It also puts us in a ready position to negotiate the premium if a Notice of Claim is served or should you enter into informal negotiations.
  • If valuing for a collective enfranchisement, we will give a flat-by-flat breakdown, including the premium payable by participants and non-participants. Click here for more details.

Desktop valuations start from £550 plus VAT. Call us today to discuss your case.

A desktop valuation is useful for either Tenants or Landlords, however for Landlords we usually recommend an attended site visit, and in most cases the Tenant pays all the Landlord’s reasonable valuations fees so it makes sense. Should a Tenant serve a Notice of Claim he undertakes to pay the Landlord’s reasonable valuation fees.

We often recommend the desktop valuation and review for properties with a value of up to £500,000, or where the leases are generally in excess of 80 years and there is local transactional evidence to support the valuation. The longer the lease, the lower the premium. For higher value properties, or properties in Prime Central London or on a shorter lease, we may recommend that an attended site visit is more appropriate.