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Our Services

myleasehold offers a variety of leasehold and freehold valuation services and solutions to both Landlords and Leaseholders, depending on your requirements and objectives.

Extending Your Lease

myleasehold provide a thorough desktop valuation, not requiring a visit to the property although in some cases it may be necessary for a qualified professional to visit the property for an attended site valuation service.

Buying Your Freehold

If you want to find out how much you should pay for your share of the freehold we can provide a comprehensive and thorough desktop valuation service, or we can inspect the property to value it in person, in an attended site valuation.

Our reports will include a flat-by-flat breakdown of the cost for each participating Leaseholder.

Negotiation Services

Negotiations usually take place between the surveyors of the Leaseholder and the Landlord. We use a tactical approach and our extensive expertise to negotiate the best deal for your lease extension or freehold purchase.

Business Services

We have a standing offer to any law firm, accounting firm or Estate Agents who want to learn more about leasehold enfranchisement, for us to visit their offices and give our 40 minute presentation in which we outline the valuation process, and our function in it.

Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) Services

myleasehold can provide both Landlords and Leaseholders with professional, independent and impartial advice, a value for money service and, where possible, an opportunity to avoid a costly dispute. Whilst we consider the LVT a last resort, we can help if you find yourself in a difficult position.

Contact us for a free 10 minute consultation, where we can agree together which of our services is best suited for your individual requirement.

If you own a leasehold house and are thinking of extending the lease or buying the freehold, please get in contact today via our Freephone service or by filling out the contact us form to the right, as we offer comprehensive valuation services for houses too.